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Woods Expert Underwater Minnow 

I have been collecting many kinds of old outdoor sporting items for a long time. My favorite things to collect are antique and old fishing items. 

Antique lures and their boxes have been made since the 19th century. My primary interests are 1930s and earlier made baits and boxes. I have bought lures from contributors to my web page for as much as $1,300.00 for one lure. Not all lures are this valuable but I always pay book price for individual items I add to my collection. 

Some of the lures I am looking for are Heddon Dowagiac minnows, Moonlight Bait company, Creek Chub Bait company, Pflueger, South Bend, CCBCo, Woods Expert Minnow, and many smaller companies. If you have any lures from the 50s or older please give me a call. Dean Sova (313)299-9533

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